Welcome to Terminally Foolish. This is a small website constructed as a little experiment to see how feasible or painful it would be to use only terminal tools on an old netbook to develop and maintain a modern website.

If you were hoping for something more exciting, I apologise. This is just a small static website, with a bunch of rambling from me as I get to grips with using a mix of old-school and hipster cool tools.

If you want to read some slightly more sane stuff from me, I also run another site on the same Raspberry Pi Zero as this one: AppendixV is a general purpose dumping ground for info and webby stuff I want to serve up from a tiny server.

There’s also ProjectArc which is more of a “proper” blog, with tags, searching, grouping, pictures and maybe even some useful articles.

The posts below were written as I went along, to show some of the tricks and lessons learnt for future reference..

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