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This site has only one futile reason for existence:

To prove to myself that it’s possible to do simple web dev tasks using a single small laptop screen running just a terminal (or a bunch of terminals) and terminal/commandline tools

More specifically, I wanted to see if I could use a throw-away hand-me-down laptop as a dev machine for simple web dev work, without it being a complete nightmare.

So here I am, writing a website in Markdown and SASS, using Jekyll to build and locally serve the site, elinks/w3m to preview it, git for source control.

Those parts are all glued together with tmux in a long running session, so if I really wanted to I could ssh in from my main dev machine (with it’s decent keyboard, big-ish screens) and see the same “dev environment” as when I’m crunched up over this plasticy old rattling lump of history.

and you know what…

… it actually bloody well works! Not amazingly mind you. But there’s the jekyll serve pane showing me when I cock up the MD or SASS a small system monitoring pane burbling away to itself, this editing pane - which needs a better editor, and the w3m pane sitting there showing my edits pretty much as I save them.

what isn’t so great

well, there’s the obvious:

and a few not so obvious things:

This is the base Jekyll theme. You can find out more info about customizing your Jekyll theme, as well as basic Jekyll usage documentation at jekyllrb.com

You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll / jekyll

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