My first Jekyll post

February 8, 2015

So, this is a Jekyll blog post then. The first of many at least a few. It’s done using the Kramdown flavour of Markdown, with styling rules taken from a mixture of Jekyll’s default set and a nice theme called ‘Tufte’.

I’ve hopefully got some nice code syntax highlighting enabled too:

import java.util.magic;

class Foo {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		magic.Bar bar = new magic.Factory.create(new String[] {});)

Hmm, that code block styling clearly needs some work to fit in with the Tufte content widths.

It looks like links can be done either inline,standard wiki style or using a Kramdown trick of post-references like this jekyll.

There’s also some Kramdown styling for footnotes 1, which may or may not conflict with the sidebar markup widgets which look like this in the Tufte theme.

It looks like I should choose one style to use, probably the Tufte sidebar style since the theme is set up to work nicely with them.

Kramdown also has a few extra little niceties like turning ascii constructs into neater unicode glyphs. Like 3 dots becoming an ellipsis …

and guillemets left « and right » .

Hi, I’m Tom, I love football.

  1. Kramdown footnote style appears to have the same wrapping oddity as code blocks, with the Tufte theme 

My first Jekyll post - February 8, 2015 - Adam Carless