Current Blog Workflow

January 20, 2018

So, now I’ve started getting this site live there’s starting to be some kind of workflow forming, which is nice, although it certainly won’t be anything like optimal.

Starting from a booted netbook, a post editing session looks like this:

  1. open terminal in the _posts directory - If I’m in GUI mode.
  2. tmux - I’m going to be splitting the term into a few “windows”
  3. ctrl-b % ctrl-b " - gives a vertical pane on the left and 2 smaller panes on the right
  4. jekyll serve - starts jekyll watching, rebuilding and serving the site locally
  5. nano - in the bigger left pane, to start editing
  6. other pane is my terminal - for any other stuff I want to see/do
  7. edit ctrl-o F5 - edit text, save it, switch to browser and refresh.

… and that’s about it for editing.

Once I’m done and it needs publishing, I have a little publish script which handles doing a final rebuild and rsync to my Pi server. It looks like this:

jekyll build
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
  rsync -r --checksum _site

So my end-of-editing process looks like:

  1. ctrl-x in nano - quit nano
  2. ./publish - rebuild and rsync with the public server
  3. check in a couple of browsers - just in case I screwed up
  4. git add; git commit -am 'blah' - get it all into local git
  5. git push origin master - get it all into my remote git repo
  6. shutdown - turn off the netbook
Current Blog Workflow - January 20, 2018 - Adam Carless